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My Hormone Journey

A year ago, I struggled with hot flashes, night sweats, and no sex drive. It was complete hell on earth. I had always had issues with my period, but I had no idea how bad things could be when I no longer had one. I started gaining weight, that was my first real ‘symptom’ of menopause. I assumed I had another few years before I had to worry about going through menopause. I was just turning 49, but my mindset was that it would never happen to me, but I was wrong. After I started gaining weight, I felt ugly, and I had some depression. I’m not sure if that is what happened to my sex drive or not, but it was GONE. No matter how much stimulation, my body would not respond physically or mentally. It was like a domino effect, how all of the symptoms started to show up. It was the worse few months of my life. At first, I didn’t even know it was menopause until my coworker pointed it out to me. It was pretty visible to others, also though I had no clue.

A friend of mine suggested bioidentical hormone replacement, so I did some research on it and decided to visit a local medical clinic in my area that specializes in BHRT.  There are several options, and indeed, people have their own opinions about what is best for them. Some places do bioidentical creams, patches, and pellets. I chose to go with the pellet therapy because I don’t keep up with taking medicine very well, so with the pellet therapy, I only have to remember my appointment this way. 

My experience has been outstanding. I have to keep up with my symptoms as the treatment continues because the dosing is individualized to me. The feedback that I give to the nurse practitioner helps her to choose what I need at each implant appointment. It is a recurring appointment because I have to return for lab work first then for my pellet insertion a week later. However, the inconvenience is well worth the reward. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started to feel better. My energy rebounded; my sleep quality was significantly increased. My life was better after my hormones were balanced, plain, and simple. My coworkers noticed, my family noticed, even my Sunday school class noticed! People mentioned that I seemed happier and exuded a more positive outlook in daily life. 

Since a year ago, when my life changed for the better, I have tried to share my story with others that may be where I was before I decided that bioidentical hormone replacement was for me. It is a scary journey, and when you are already all over the place emotionally, it is nice to have someone who has been there giving you feedback on what the therapy is like. I am scared of doctors on a routine basis, meaning, I don’t like needles. I told the staff at the hormone clinic this upfront, and they have been great with understanding that. I break out in a sweat when I get my blood drawn, and they are very kind to me. I have never felt like I am bothering anyone for being so ‘extra.’ 

My journey has been a positive one, and it does take consistency and dedication. You have to keep your appointments. It can be easy to slack on the follow up when you start feeling better because it’s easy to forget how you felt when you started. You are not going to miraculously start producing hormones, if you stop getting your BHRT implants, you will begin to decline quickly, and you will know it! Then you have to start again. Humans do not reverse aging, and it will not stop on its own. My husband started going to the same clinic I go to after he saw the transition that I went through when my hormones were balanced. So BHRT is not just for women, my husband has been on it for about six months, and he feels like a new man! 

Collectively our health physicals have shown improvement in our overall health. His blood pressure has gone down since he has been going to the gym more. My blood sugar levels and improved since I have lost weight. We are healthier and happier, and I don’t know how anybody goes through those kinds of debilitating changes and don’t get hormone therapy. It has saved our sanity and probably our marriage!

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