Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to reverse the effects of aging solely by balancing your hormones? This is a possibility and can be your reality.

Side effects of hormone imbalance affect most women. Whether it be the natural path of your body depleting hormones or from surgical menopause or a hysterectomy, either way, it is unstoppable. We age daily, and the root of aging is through the depletion of hormones. This process of depletion can be slowed and symptoms can be addressed. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), you can feel young again and decrease the mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats that you are battling.

Have you noticed that your memory is not what it used to be? Or that you have put on weight even though your diet has not changed? What about libido? Have you lost that spark in your relationship? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, take heart that there is hope for you!

Whether you are dealing with the beginning effects of menopause (peri-menopause) or have experienced the full effects of menopause, BHRT can help.

Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado
Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado

BHRT is a safe and effective treatment that will help to restore your depleted hormones and help you find the quality of life that you deserve, from the inside out.

By balancing your hormone levels, you will experience relief from the symptoms that plague how you feel and how your body functions. BHRT is very effective when administered by an expert in the field of hormone replacement. You may notice an improvement in your symptoms as soon as a matter of weeks after starting your treatment.

After beginning your personalized BHRT treatment plan, you will notice an increase in your daily energy. Having more energy often leads to being more active, increasing lean muscle mass. Having increased energy often encourages a more active lifestyle; this can help with depression as well. Balancing hormones often works as a domino effect. Once hormones are restored and balanced, your symptoms are reduced and you feel like doing more daily.

Everyone loves increased energy, which can also lead to an increased libido. Leveling out hormone levels can also help with libido, and not only sex drive alone, but increasing the intensity of orgasm.

As mentioned, balancing hormones work like the domino effect. When you have more energy, you are more active. When you are more active, you lose weight. When you lose weight, you feel less depressed. When you feel less depressed, your sex drive can increase, and so on.

Our sex hormones are a very important part of our quality of life and solely to blame for the effects of aging. Thanks to research and modern technology, we don’t have to accept these hormone deficits any longer. There are options that are safe and controlled. It is never too late to get started, regardless of what stage of life you are currently in.