Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Often when people think about the symptoms associated with aging, menopause is the word that comes to mind. The reality is that men go through similar changes as a result of hormonal decline due to aging. Andropause is the drop in hormone levels, specifically testosterone.

Luckily, men do not experience a permanent halt to their hormone production. However, the symptoms of decline can severely affect the quality of life. Often the symptoms are a poor sense of well-being, low energy levels, low sex drive, and even issues with erectile dysfunction. 

When testosterone levels are low, ‘brain fog’ seems to be more prevalent. You may notice that you have more difficulty remembering things than when you were younger. Improved mental acuity is noticed when hormones are at an optimal and therapeutic level. Staying sharp is important whether you are at work or doing DIY projects at home.

Keeping your testosterone balanced is beneficial for overall cognitive awareness, anxiety, and even depression. Testosterone has direct effects on the ability to build muscle and maintain lean muscle mass. Metabolism is driven by properly balanced hormones. As the body ages, the metabolic process slows as a direct result of low testosterone.

The good news is that there is an option to combat the hormonal deficit. Bio-Identical hormone replacement is a safe and effective option for men facing the debilitating symptoms of and Andropause. Many symptoms of aging are a direct result of declining hormones. 

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