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BHRT for Men and Women

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help restore imbalanced hormones and help you to feel like your old self again. Despite beliefs that hormone loss is only experienced by women, it is experienced by both women and men. Hormone replacement therapy helps increase libido, energy, and mental acuity, issues that affect all aging people. The design of BHRT is to function like the naturally produced hormones that your body produces. BHRT can balance hormones by regulating levels of essential hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. 

Hormone deficiency affects men differently than women. Around age 30, testosterone starts to decline for men. Low testosterone comes with various symptoms like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy, and loss of muscle tone, to name a few. 

Women typically notice changes in their bodies as they approach menopause or even peri-menopause. These symptoms start to present themselves usually after age 40 as women leave their childbearing years behind. However, some women begin to experience the symptoms of hormone loss in their early 30’s. If a woman has a hysterectomy, including removal of her ovaries, this will bring on menopause regardless of age. There are many variables as to when this will happen for anybody, but hormonal production slows for everybody at some point. Hormones will decrease with age. 

BHRT is a treatment that should be closely monitored by a health practitioner that specializes in hormone therapy. During a consultation, you will be asked to describe your symptoms and your health history. It is essential to be clear about both so that your practitioner can accurately map out your treatment plan. Blood work is the next step so that your hormone levels can be studied in conjunction with your symptoms. This will give your BHRT provider the necessary information to order your specific doses of hormones. Now you are ready for your pellet insertion! Your provider will discuss what you are receiving and how this will address your symptoms. It is important to understand that BHRT is not an instant fix. It took years for your hormones to decline; it will take some patience and time to re-establish those youthful levels again. You don’t want too much too fast, as that is a jolt for your body. All good things take time. Many BHRT patients start to see improvement in their symptoms after their first implant insertion, but for others, it is after two insertions before symptom relief is noticed. Some of the common benefits noticed are enhanced sleep, increased sex drive, and more energy doing daily tasks. 

BHRT not only addresses symptomatic issues but also improves an overall sense of well being and quality of life. When we feel better, we are happier. When we are healthier mentally, we react to stress better and have the mental defenses needed to handle daily life in a more positive way. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy should always be performed by a provider that specializes in this treatment. This will ensure that it is customized per patient, dosed properly, and monitored effectively.