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Anna’s BHRT Journey

I started my bioidentical hormone replacement journey about four years ago. It’s funny how you tend to forget how badly you felt before you started. It took about seven months to get evened out, but it was worth the wait. I had my entire family turned against me before I started. I was so hateful and miserable. I finally took the advice of my best friend and went to a clinic that specialized in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. My hormones levels were so bad, off the charts bad. So after about 3.5 years of being on the therapy, I was feeling fantastic. 

I started to take the treatment for granted and thought my levels can probably maintain on their own now; I am healed! That was not true. After about six weeks, I was reminded of just how bad I felt a few years ago. First, it was the hot flashes, then the night sweats. The sweats woke me up at night, so I was too tired the next day to go to the gym. It was a snowball effect. I called my local BHRT clinic and told them about my super-intelligent decision to stop the therapy. They told me that people do that all the time and not to be too hard on myself. The sad thing is that I had all my levels perfected, and that takes a lot of time and patience, and I messed it all up by stopping abruptly. So now, I am just now achieving my therapeutic levels since restarting about four months ago. Hormones are such a massive part of the foundation of your body, and when they are deficient, everything starts to go haywire. I have learned my lesson and will now continue this therapy for life. Even when I am elderly, I want to feel good and enjoy a good quality of life. Now I am back in the gym, enjoying rested nights and have shed the extra padding I gained while going rogue from the treatment. 

My practitioner warned me that all this could happen, and I did not heed the warning. This was another example of me being a little smarter than everyone around me (sarcasm). I am so thankful to feel better now, I have kept a journal throughout my BHRT journey, which I highly recommend. In my journal entry recently, I encouraged myself to stay regular in my BHRT therapy, and that going rogue takes the better part of a year to experience the rebound. Hormones are touchy, and BHRT is not an overnight cure. When you are lucky enough to achieve relief, finally, please keep it going. Your body does not jumpstart hormone production miraculously. The clinic I go to is called a bioidentical hormone clinic, not a miracle clinic. Use common sense, keep a journal, and don’t lose sight of where you started. It not only will keep you feeling your best, but an extreme drop in your levels can affect your health as well. If you haven’t tried BHRT and are considering it, I can emphasize how much it will change your life for the better. It was my miracle!

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