About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many people think of fluctuations when the subject of hormones is brought up. Some think about a sex drive, stamina or puberty. Those are all components of hormones, but hormones affect us all as we age. Declining hormones are the basis for the aging process, nobody escapes this fact. The good news is that hormone balance can be restored and a quality of life can be achieved again with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Bio-identical hormones are plant derived and synthetic hormones are animal derived. The most commonly prescribed synthetic hormone is derived from the urine of a pregnant mare. This is prescribed commonly to counteract the symptoms of menopause.

Bio-identical hormones are biologically similar to what your body produces, they are made from plants. Hormones are found in our blood and notify our body to function in certain ways. When hormones are low or imbalanced your body function will be affected resulting in symptoms such as hot flashes, loss of sex drive and moodiness.

Men and women suffer from hormone deficiency, for women it can begin in their 30’s and men will produce less testosterone in beginning in their 40’s.

Replenishing these imbalanced hormones can be helpful in achieving a better quality of life and overall health. Everyone is different, it is important to customize a specific plan for each individual.

Many things are taken into consideration when a practitioner is treating a patient, like current medications, lab values and symptoms. It is important to choose a practitioner based on their level of training and expertise in BHRT.